GeoDropdownRegularButton Ready 4.0.0+

GeoDropdownRegularButton is a button designed to display an optional icon and any complex single-line text surrounded by a bordered box linked to a popup.

It's suitable in isolated places where this button won't be associated with any single element of a collection but with a specific feature or an entire collection.

As it can display single-line text it can be used to toggle popups which manage complex state changes which are not directly evident like multi-select options.


Prop name Type Default value Description
icon array Show description
iconPosition enumPropertyFactory({ componentName: 'GeoDropdownRegularButton', propertyName: 'iconPosition', enumDictionary: GeoDropdownConstants.X_AXIS_POSITION, defaultValue: GeoDropdownConstants.X_AXIS_POSITION.left }) Show description
disabled boolean false Show description
active boolean false Show description


Name Type Description
click MouseEvent User clicked this button.


Name Description

Use this slot to customize button’s content


This component has no exported constants.


Normal state

Hover state

Disabled state

Active state