GeoEditableInput Ready 24.0.0+

Use GeoEditableInput component when you need confirmation feedback from the user on individual input and not in a global form.


Prop name Type Default value Description
value string|number Show description
type enumPropertyFactory({ componentName: 'GeoEditableInput', propertyName: 'type', enumDictionary: TYPES, defaultValue: TYPES.text }) Show description
showButtons boolean Show description
placeholder string Show description
disabled boolean false Show description
loading boolean false Show description
isFocused boolean Show description
saveIcon array
function () {
  return ['fal', 'check']
Show description
cancelIcon array
function () {
  return ['fal', 'times']
Show description
inputType enumPropertyFactory({ componentName: 'GeoEditableInput', propertyName: 'inputType', enumDictionary: VARIANTS, defaultValue: VARIANTS.table }) Show description
popupClass string|array|object Show description


Name Type Description
click-outside MouseEvent Click outside GeoEditableInput event
click MouseEvent User clicked the input event.
save MouseEvent User clicked the save button. The event will be emitted even if the input is with `loading=true`.
cancel MouseEvent User clicked the cancel button.
input MouseEvent User typed on the input box.


Name Description


Name Value
VARIANTS Show definition
TYPES Show definition


Table style input

Normal input

Disabled input

Input with embeded icon

Input with numerical type