GeoTableHeaderRowCell Ready 10.1.0+

GeoTableHeaderRowCell is a component designed to fit nicely in a GeoTableHeaderRow.

Each instance of this component represents a single cell of a table's column header and features a slot to render any kind of content.


Prop name Type Default value Description
columnMaxWidth number Show description
columnMinWidth number Show description
columnWidth number Show description
ignoreContentWidth boolean false Show description
growingDisabled boolean false Show description
variant enumPropertyFactory({ componentName: 'GeoTableHeaderRowCell', propertyName: 'variant', enumDictionary: VARIANTS, defaultValue: VARIANTS.main }) Show description


Name Description

Use this slot to customize cell’s content


Name Value
VARIANTS Show definition
GeoTableHeaderRowCellMixin Show definition


Default variant

Main variant

Aux variant

Single variant

Customizable variant