Using constants


Avoid hardcoding literals for variants and types: their values might change at any time.

Use exported constants instead.

The library exports a collection of constants under constants named export. You can import them using CommonJS or ES6 modules:

// CommonJS
const { constants } = require('@geoblink/design-system')

// ES6
import { constants } from '@geoblink/design-system'

constants is an object where keys correspond to the names of the components and values hold the constants exposed by each one.


Not all the components export constants so not all of them are present in constants object.


For instance, to get the proper value for a primary GeoButton you could use:

import { constants } from '@geoblink/design-system'
const primary = constants.GeoButton.TYPES.primary // "primary"

A complete list of exported constants appear in each component's documentation page.

Last Updated: 11/3/2023, 10:14:08 AM