GeoSelectBase Ready 4.1.0+

GeoSelectBase is an advance component to build select-like flows. It offers the minimum boilerplate to create a popup-driven single-element pickers.


Use this component if you want to build a custom experience. If you just need a drop-in replacement for HTML <select> tag you might probably want to use GeoSelect component.


Prop name Type Default value Description
opened boolean Show description
fixedWidth boolean true Show description
hasMoreResults boolean false Show description
forceYAxisPosition enumPropertyFactory({ componentName: 'GeoSelectBase', propertyName: 'forceYAxisPosition', enumDictionary: Y_AXIS_POSITION, required: false, checkUndefined: true }) Show description
popupClass string|array|object Show description


Name Type Description
click-outside MouseEvent Click outside GeoSelect event
load-more-results {scrollToLastEntry: Function Load more results in GeoSelect options


Name Description

Use this slot to customize the button toggling the actual selection popup


Use this slot to customize the header of the selection popup


Use this slot to customize the main content of the selection popup


Use this slot to customize the label of the button allowing user to load more data when there are too much elements to be displayed at once

Use this slot to customize the footer of the selection popup


Name Value
X_AXIS_POSITION Show definition
Y_AXIS_POSITION Show definition


Simple select

Searchable select

Select with opt-groups

Paginated select