GeoListItem Ready 4.0.0+

GeoListItem is a component designed to build vertical lists which fit properly in a GeoBorderedBox.

It can be customized in several ways, adding icons to the leading edge of the row or more complex elements (like form inputs) to the trailing edge.


Prop name Type Default value Description
icon array Show description
disabled boolean false Show description
trailingIcon array Show description
tooltipContent string Show description
tooltipPosition enumPropertyFactory({ componentName: 'GeoListItem', propertyName: 'tooltipPosition', enumDictionary: POSITIONS, defaultValue: POSITIONS.trailing }) Show description
wrapperTag string 'div' Show description


Name Description

Use this slot to customize rows’s main content


Use this slot to add more items to the trailing edge of this row


Use this slot to add a description for the item


This component has no exported constants.


Interactive list item

Regular list items

Disabled list items

List items inside a bordered box