Generating documentation

There are 3 commands involved in generating the live documentation site:


yarn docs:build:markdown

Will generate a static Markdown file for each component. This file will include the component's documentation as well as its examples.

A constants component will be created in .vuepress/components/constants folder. This special component will render a table displaying all constants exported by the component.


yarn docs:watch:markdown

Generates static Markdown files when any component changes. It generates the constants component automatically, too.

You'll probably want to run docs:build:markdown before since docs:watch:markdown won't generate the initial documentation: it will generate files only after some component or example file is modified.


yarn docs:dev

Start Vuepress (opens new window) and serves generated documentation.

Pages will reload after any static Markdown file or constants component is modified but not after any component or example is modified so you'll probably want to run docs:watch:markdown while you are running docs:dev.


yarn start

Equivalent to running:

  1. yarn docs:build:markdown
  2. In parallel:
    • docs:watch:markdown
    • docs:dev


This is the script you probably want to run to see the live documentation page.


yarn build:system

Builds the library for NPM.

Last Updated: 11/3/2023, 10:14:08 AM